FIE #18: Autonomous Greenhouses – Smart Micro Farming and Large-scale Production


Enabling fully autonomous greenhouse cultivation for individual users and groups of users based on the implementation of AI and IoT components.


The concept idea includes fully automated greenhouses for microgardening/microfarming for Smart Farming and Smart Cities implementation. Greenhouses will be computer-controlled: climatic conditions, robotic treatments will be carried out starting from soil preparation, sowing, irrigate and weeding. Smart greenhouses will be equipped with a set of sensors allowing to monitor climatic conditions with high read accuracy. The system analyzing the data from the sensors will allow to adjust the conditions in greenhouses. An intelligent production support system prepared for the needs of greenhouses (individual and/or group), will predict yields at specific settings, help to indicate and eliminate production errors to maximize yield or reduce production costs at a given yield.

The pilots will be tested in selected locations in Poland and Portugal, among the producers of peppers, tomatoes, soft fruits and/or flowers, including Smart Cities small producers. Pilotage will be run and supported by DIH Agro Poland and HUB4Agri.

The results of the experiment together with view the working system on pilot farms will be presented to producer groups and agricultural and gardening associations.